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Welcome to the Online Community of
650 Self-Directed Learners

Who Educate Themselves Without College
New Member

Tara White
19 years old
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Kasey Heater    Seeking mentorship

Vienna, OH
21 years old

"I have been stressing over college since my junior year of high school. First it was which college to attend? I was considering th..."
Dharma Knudsen    Seeking mentorship

Missoula, MT
22 years old

"I joined ZTC to explore the options available to me. I'd like to figure out what I want to do with myself and I'm not 100% it's go..."

Laura DeLuca

23 years old

"Laura was born and raised in northern New Jersey. She was homeschool all the way up until the age of 13 when she took her educatio..."
Angel Helms    Seeking mentorship

Valdosta, GA
20 years old

"I joined ZTC because I love self-teaching and am dropping out of an academic experience that I loathe! I'm a high-school graduate..."

Eric Larkin    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

New York, NY
31 years old

"I joined ZTC for a few reasons: First, I believe in the power of alternative education. Second, because I work in the Adve..."
Amber Brown    Offering mentorship    Seeking mentorship

Louisville, KY
27 years old

"I am joining because I am extremely interested in meeting others whom are teaching themselves (especially people who use the inter..."
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